1. Connect the Fanvil device to the network (modem/router/switch/network point) using an Ethernet cable (ensure the PC is connected to the same network as the Fanvil device)
  2. Locate the IP address 
    1. On Fanvil X3SP
      • Press the  "OK" button on Fanvil X3SP or
      • Press the soft menu button "i" or
      • Long-pressing button "2" on the Fanvil X3P. 
    2. On Fanvil X1P
      • Press "Menu" >> "Status" or the "Down" navigation key.
  3. Launch the web browser and type the IP address into the URL bar.
  4. Log in to the device using the following details :
    • Username: admin          
    • Password: admin
  5. On the dashboard, click on “Line”. Select the line to set the extension up on.
  6. Fill in the following fields
    • Server Address: PBX SIP Server
    • Server Port: 5060
    • Authentication User: SIP Username
    • Authentication Password: SIP Password
    • Username: SIP Username
    • Display User: SIP Username
    • Realm: PBX SIP Server
  7. Activate the account by clicking on the Activate tick box.
    Once all fields are updated and settings applied, the extension will register and show online on the Realtime monitor in the TMS.
  8. Set the Audio codec to G729AB: 
    • In the “Line” section, expand the Codecs Settings category
    • Only keep the G729AB codec in the Enabled section and move all other codecs to the Disabled section by clicking on the arrows.
  9. Add the Time and Date – Click on Phone settings, then select the Time/date tab to ensure daylight savings is disabled.
     Note: only set this up if a static IP address is needed for the device. With a DHCP, this step can be skipped as the phone should be registered.