1. Log into the Yealink account by inserting the IP address in a web browser.
    Note: To log into the device, the user will need the IP address (Refer to the devices configuration manual.)
  2. Set up the Dsskeys.
  3. Ensure the log on/off buttons (Label) are configured on the phone.
  4. Log in to the TMS to get the Agent code and pin.
    1. Click on the Extension Manager menu item.
    2. Click on the Extension submenu.
    3. Select the extension that you want to change.
    4. Click on the Details tab at the top.
    5. Scroll down to “Provision settings“.
      Note: The code and pin needed will display; click save before proceeding.
  5. Log in to the phone and add in the pin and code. 
    Note: To get to the dot; please press the * button twice (XXXX {.} XX)
  6. Once the details are entered, the extension will be logged in.