Step 1:  Log into the Yealink account by inserting the IP address in a web browser.

Note: To log into the device, the user will need the IP address (Refer to the devices configuration manual.)

Step 2:  Set up the Dsskeys.

Step 3:  Ensure the log on/off buttons (Label) are configured on the phone.

Step 4: Log in to the TMS to get the Agent code and pin.

4.1: Click on the Extension Manager menu item.

4.2: Click on the Extension submenu.

4.3: Select the extension that you want to change.

            4.4: Click on the Details tab at the top.

            4.5: Scroll down to “Provision settings“.

Note: The code and pin needed will display; click save before proceeding.

Step 5: Log in to the phone and add in the pin and code. 

Note: To get to the dot; please press the * button twice (XXXX {.} XX)

Step 6: Once the details are entered, the extension will be logged in.