Registering extensions to a Yealink device is done via the Web Interface of the Yealink IP Phone.

  1. Log on to the handset by opening a new tab in your Web Browser and inserting the phone’s IP Address into the Address bar. ( Press the OK  button to get the IP address.)

  2. Go to “Account”, this is where we enter the extension’s details.

  3. Get the Sip Credentials (Log on to TMs  for these.)

  4. Log on to the Yealink account by inserting the IP address in a web browser.

Note: To log on to the device, the user will need the IP address. (Refer to the device's configuration manual.)

  1. Click on the  “Account” tab and fill in the information. 

  2. Click on “Apply”, the extension should say registered.

  3. Enable the correct audio codecs. ( Euphoria uses the G729 Codec.)

    1. Remove unnecessary Codecs by holding the “Shift” key on the keyboard and select all unwanted Codecs. Click on the arrow facing towards the “Disabled codecs” block. Click “Confirm”. 

  4. Ensure Time & Date settings are correct.Euphoria has its own time servers, and

    1. Insert

    2. If a secondary NTP Server is required, insert

    3. Choose the desired time zone (+2 Greece, Israel, Turkey etc. )

    4. Disable “Daylight Saving Time”.

    5. Save the changes and click “Confirm.