Registering extensions to a Yealink device is done via the Web Interface of the Yealink IP Phone.

Step 1: Log into the handset by opening a new tab in your Web Browser and inserting the phone’s IP Address into the Address bar. ( Press the OK  button to get the IP address.)

Step 2: Go to “Account”, this is where we enter the extension’s details.How to Get Sip Credentials.

Step 4: Log into the Yealink account by inserting the IP address in a web browser.

Note: To log into the device, the user will need the IP address. (Refer to the devices configuration manual.)

Step 5: Click on the  “Account” tab and fill in the information. 

Step 6: Click on “Apply”  - the extension should say registered.

Step 7: Enable the correct audio codecs. ( Euphoria uses the G729 Codec.)

7.1:  Remove unnecessary Codecs by holding the “Shift” key on the keyboard and select all unwanted Codecs. Click on the arrow facing towards the “Disabled codecs” block. Click “Confirm”. 

Step 8: Ensure Time & Date settings are correct.Euphoria has its own time servers, and

8.1: Insert

8.2: If a secondary NTP Server is required, insert

8.3: Choose the correct time zone (+2 Greece, Israel, Turkey etc. )

8.4: Disable “Daylight Saving Time”.

8.4: Save the changes and click “Confirm.