1. Go to https://tms.euphoria.co.za and enter your username name and password. Please contact our Support Team if you do not have these details.

2. Your dashboard will open to a page where you can see a summary of your account. 

3.  Click on the Billing & Accounts tab in the left-hand column




  4. Your account details will be displayed with options to either Renew Service and/or Buy Airtime.


  5.  Select Buy Airtime: Select how much airtime you would like to buy by clicking on the drop down menu.

6. Choose your preferred payment method of payment, you have two options: 

Order now, Pay Via EFT (this will create a proforma invoice which you will use to make EFT payment) the pro forma invoice will be sent to your accounts email address. 

Pay now with Credit Card (the credit card option will not be available if there are any amounts outstanding on your account) (Credit card payments are processed instantly).

7. If you have chosen the EFT payment method, please remember to send a confirmation of your payment to accounts@euphoria.co.za, EFT payments are only processed during our office hours which are Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm