A hunt list is a way to route calls

When a call comes in, if you route it to a hunt list you can.

  • Set it to ring on an extension or group of extensions for a period of time.
  • After the period of time, you can set it to ring on another extension or group of extensions.
  • You decide which extensions to ring on and for how long, before ringing the next extension or group of extensions.
  • After you have rung all the extensions you wish it is a good idea to set it to go to a voice mail account to ensure the call is answered the user can leave a voice mail.
  • Hunt lists can be set to ring on a call queue, an IVR or voice mail.

It can be used in multiple ways, the limit is only your imagination. 

In very simple terms a hunt list is used to route a call to a group of people (e.g the sales team) and hunt down the first available agent.