GNP is restricted to geographic numbers only (01, 02, 03, 04 and 05). 

  • Under normal circumstances, port requests are loaded within 60 hours of receiving 100% correct paperwork.

  • Port date confirmations are subject to their donor (Telkom) operator’s acceptance of port requests. Port date confirmations are sent out on a daily basis and are only available during office hours from  the support desk is unable to provide port date confirmations.).

  • Ports are activated according to a specific date that is given to the Customer. Should the date not be suitable or the customer wishes to cancel – this must be done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled porting. (penalties will apply as explained in cancelled port requests)

  • Porting request will only be escalated with the donor operator if it has exceeded the maximum response deadline of 7 working days.

  • 3 months after porting the customer is able to move to a 3rd party service provider and/or return to its original service provider however this would require a new GNP request or a “Port Back Request” which the new / original service provider needs to submit.

  • Telkom has the right to, and will reject a porting request, if the customer is moving from one exchange area to another e.g. Bryanston to Blairgowrie.

  • Should the customer port from Telkom and then move out of their current exchange area they will not be able to return to Telkom with the same numbers. Telkom will insist they accept new numbers. Telkom also has the right to lodge a complaint with ICASA should they suspect the application was submitted with the intention of the customer moving. Please enquire should you require any further information in this regard.

  •  If the number is an ADSL line – upon completion of the porting, the ADSL portion of the line will be disconnected thus cancelling any internet the customer has access to. Reversals of these services can take up to 2 months and Telkom also has the right to refuse a reversal request. For this reason, Euphoria Telecom will not port numbers that are on existing ADSL lines. Instead, we suggest installing a new ADSL line first to ensure that you have business continuity.

  • Lines are automatically cancelled with Telkom once the numbers have ported away from them. Customers must NOT cancel their lines prior to porting. Cancelled lines CANNOT be ported.

  • EFT payments to Telkom can take up to 4 business days to reflect on Telkom’s system. If a port was rejected for account in arrears and the customer paid by EFT please allow at least 3 days after payment before re-submission and submit the request with proof from the current provider that the account is rectified (this proof cannot be more than 48 hours old).

  • Port requests must ONLY be submitted when the customer is ready to port. I,E the new system is up and running.

Euphoria Telecom