You may, however

Unless your client's are calling from a Telkom land line to this 0800 number it will not be Toll Free. 90%
of calls are made on cellular networks and hence largely makes the perception of free calls null and void.

Effectively what 0800 means is that it will be a free call if you are calling from the same network provider.

i.e This could be Euphoria to Euphoria or Telkom to Telkom. but Telkom to Euphoria, or vice versa and you

will be charged to make the call.

Telkom will also charge you to receive calls as it is not directed to a number on the Telkom network. Telkom

charges from 65 to 72c per minute to receive calls from a Telkom 086 number onto any other fixed line network.

Euphoria can source an 0800 that runs on the Euphoria Telecom network in very number in special cases, however

we would prefer you opt for a normal number as you will actually be skewing the perception of free to your clients.

So for these reasons we suggest avoiding it all together as you cannot offer a true toll free number to your Clients,

there are too many network providers.