The short answer is Yes, However we suggest you do not use it.

Telkom will charge you to receive calls as it is directed to a number on the Telkom network. Telkom

charges from 65 to 72c per minute to receive calls from a Telkom 086 number onto any other fixed line network.

To point the 086 smart number to our euphoria numbers, you need to contact Telkom and provide them with the euphoria number that you require the 086 smart access to be directed or pointed to.

Client to email - Attached request on company letterhead and statement from Euphoria Telecoms

See here for details: 

We do not suggest opting for Telkom 086 numbers as they are routed through a legacy analogue network

before being transferred to the Euphoria Telecom network, which can cause a slight delay on the calls.

Sometimes client's forget to pay their Telkom bill, in which case you will not receive any calls. Sometimes

Telkom's routing goes wrong and you will not receive calls. For the most part it will work but it will cost you

unnecessary expenditure and add routing complexity to receiving calls.

In our opinion the perception of using an 086 number is skewed. Business owners believe it will give them

a national presence and feel. You can pay even more for an 0860 GOLDEN (Golden number). In truth

South Africans prefer to dial a direct number normal number. No one really likes hunting for letters on keypads.
Using a Telkom 086 can cost a small business client more than the his entire Euphoria Cloud PBX monthly service

fee and calls. 

The only time it makes sense, is if the number has been in use for many years and you have the same set of customers

calling, ie alot of repeat callers. If you have a rotational client base, new clients signing up consistently or you have not used

it in an extensive amount of marketing material then do not continue to use it. 

You may request a 087 number from Euphoria Telecom instead. We can on rare occasion offer you an 086 number from

the Euphoria Telecom network if you just have to have one (however we have very few so it is only offered in special cases)