1. Go to the TMS URL: https://tms.euphoria.co.za/ 
  2. Choose the correct account
  3. Ensure the API Adapter is installed  - See How to install the API Adapter 
    1. Log in to the TMS.
    2. Click on the API & Integration menu item.
    3. Click on the API Manager sub-menu item.
    4. Click on “Add API Key.”
    5. Enter a friendly name for your API key and click “Apply” to save the changes. 
    6. Enable the API key on the extension that requires the feature.
  4. Click on the Downloads & Tools menu item.
  5. Click on the Browser Plugins submenu.
  6. Click the download button next to the Euphoria Dialer and the Euphoria Menu.
  7. Add the extensions/plugins to Chrome
    (We recommend using Google Chrome browser as the integration works best on this browser.)
  8. After clicking add to Chrome, the browser should confirm before downloading the plugin. (The same goes for the Euphoria menu.)