Step 1: Go to the TMS URL: 

Step 2: Choose the correct account

Step 3: Click on the PBX Manager menu item.

Step 4: Click on the Mailboxes sub-menu item.

Step 5: Click on the “Add Mailbox”.

Step 6: Fill in the Mailbox Number and PIN, which will be your username and password.

Step 7: Click on the Extension Manager Menu Item.

Step 8: Click on the Extension submenu.

Step 9: Select the extension that you want to change.

Step 10: Click on the Details tab at the top.

Step 11:Scroll down to the Hot Desking Checkbox and enable Hot Desking. 

Step 12: Click on “Apply” to save the changes. 

Note: Do not make the mailbox username the same as an extension number.