Geographic Number Porting is a sensitive process however we are here to assist you and facilitate the process, therefore, please ensure that you comply with and supply the following:

  • A copy of the ID of the account holder on the current service providers account i.e. Telkom account holder

  • A copy of your most recent current service provider invoice, including the Telephony Details page displaying the numbers you wish to port in order to verify ownership.

  • A list of the numbers you intend on porting Euphoria Telecom.

Important Information:

  • Number porting is dependent on Telkom and/or participating service providers, with a lead time of 7 to 21 working days. 

  • In terms of numbers being ported with ADSL functionality, Telkom has 72 hours to activate the replacement ADSL number, therefore your ADSL could be disconnected during this time. 

  • You will need to state that you would like to keep the ADSL functionality should you be porting a number associated with an ADSL line.

  • Please notify us prior to the initiation of your port if the number you are porting is connected to an alarm system. 

  • Telkom and participating service providers will reject your port request if:

  • Your account is in arrears

  • If you are moving offices resulting in a change of area should you disclose this information Telkom can block your request which will result in the forfeiture of your number.  

  • A wholesale line is a third party form of connectivity hosted on a Telkom line (e.g. Mweb ADSL). The wholesale line will either need to be cancelled, moved to an alternative number that you have with Telkom or a new number will need to be ordered and the line moved over.  This will need to take place before your port request is initiated.

  • When a number is ported minor routing issues can be encountered. Therefore we recommend testing from multiple networks such as Telkom, Cell C, MTN and Vodacom. Please inform us of any issues so that we can contact the relevant network provider/s for their assistance in resolving these issues.

  • Please note that you may receive calls on your new system during the course of the day of porting.  This is due to routing changes on the voice networks in preparation for porting.

Should you require any further information or assistance please contact the Porting Department on 021 2000 500 or