This would be a login for your extension that can be used on any of Euphoria's Softphones.

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Open your Extensions under Extension Manger

Step 3: Click on any extension you would like to create a login for.

Step 4: Open up the TMS Admin. Please note that creating a TMS login will not give the user access to your TMS webpage.

This would be for softphone access only.

Step 5: Create a login for the user and the information added would be what the user would need to login to the softphone.

If you are an Enterprise or Call Buster customer you would have access to the registrations feature. This feature would allow you to have multiple devices registered on one extension.If a registration is created you would be able to see it when logging into a softphone. This feature is to avoid a conflict on devices.