Creating agent Manager login details


To Begin, log on to the TMS and navigate to Extension Manager.



Choose the extension you would like to create the login for.













Step : 1


Click on the ‘’TMS Admin“ tab and select ‘’Create TMS account for this extension‘’




Step 2: 


A pop up will appear asking you to fill in the information. Complete the form and click on ‘’Create” ( All the blocks has to be filled in )





* Please note, when you type in a password and its secure enough it will underline it with in green, should the password not be secure enough the underline will be red.





Using additional Registrations


Additional registrations allow you to register up to two additional devices like a cell phone or second phone. The additional device can be used to dial out but you cannot dial the extension directly, since it does not have a dial-able number. The secondary device can however ring when your main extension rings allowing you to answer it as per normal.


Express PBX clients –Only one registration can be used.


Enterprise / integrator PBX clients – A Extension can have 2 additional registrations if you would like to use the agent manager and a desk phone / cell phone.


If you are an enterprise PBX user you can have more than one registration on your extension. To create an additional registration, navigate and click on the “Registrations” tab.





From here you would be able to create an additional registration for a secondary device by clicking on “Add Registration”.

Once clicked, you will be asked to enter a username. You can use something like the one I used.





After the registration has been created you can allow it to ring with your primary device for incoming calls by ticking the ring inbound option.









Activating / verifying the Login


You would have to verify the login details created in order to use the login. Please follow steps below:


Step 1: 


Go to – / just log out of your current TMS 


Step 2:


Use the new username and password to log in









Step 3 : Select the account.







Step 4: Tick the box ‘’ Account enabled ‘’





After completing the steps above you may log out of this TMS account.













Creating an API Auth Key


If you are a new user to the Agent manager please follow the steps bellow in order to get your agent manager up and running.


Step 1:


Log on to the TMS and navigate to ‘’API manager ‘’.





Step 2:


After clicking on ‘’ API Manager ’’, you will then be able to add an API login. (If you already have an API login, you don’t have to create another one.)




Enabling the API on the extension


Step 1:


Click on extension manager and select the extension you would like to use with the Agent Manager.













Step 2:

After choosing the extension you would need to enable the API key that you have created / have.


Step: 3

After choosing the correct API key you would need to click on update.






Running Agent Manager


Step 1: 


Open up agent manager, if you don’t have the application on your computer you can download it from the TMS under the downloads and tools option.


Step 2: 


Use the new logins created to log into the Agent Manager and click apply.




The agent manager will now open op and show “Initialized “. You would now have to choose the registration. Navigate and click on the settings wheel, choose “select account ‘’ then select the extension.


Select account











*For additional registrations

If you created an additional registration, the select account option will have all the registrations on the list. Just choose the registration you would like to have on the secondary device.




You will see I have marked the primary registration as ( P ) and secondary as  ( S ). I have selected the secondary registration because if I selected the primary one it will cause a conflict with the extensions and kick them both offline if the primary is in use on another device.





After selecting the correct registration the extension should now be online and able to make / receive calls.