Step 1: Setup your Inbound Route and IVR as per normal – the links below provide step by step instructions on how to complete the setup;

                a.IVR Setup guide:

                b.Inbound routes setup guide:

Step 2: Once Inbound Route and IVR setup’s are complete, proceed to set up your Hunt List. Here, the settings will be different from setting up a Hunt List for                  in-office extensions. Refer to the screenshot for reference

                a.If there is no IVR message setup in the inbound route, ensure that you “add announcement” to the hunt list. The announcement can be 1 second of                      silence or a pre-recorded welcome message (welcome to company ABC, please stay on the line for an agent). If there is no announcement or IVR,                      the call has not been answered and there is a high risk that the network provider will terminate the call (as part of general termination rules).

                b.A “ring group” in this scenario is basically the mobile phone you would like a call to be transferred to. In the case of several mobile employees                              receiving incoming calls on their mobile phones, each employee must be added to a new ring group.

                c.You can setup the order of ring groups to call specific employees in a particular order – set the first ring group to the first employee’s mobile                                  extension and the second ring group to the second employee’s mobile, etc.

                d.Change the “how long to ring” setting to 15-20 seconds. This will give the call enough time to come through the PBX and then transfer to a mobile                        extension.

                e.Ensure that “Dialling options” remains UNCHECKED. By ticking this box your PBX will override extension forwarding settings and the cellular                                features will not work.

                f.For businesses with a receptionist or head office, the last ring group can be set to direct the call to the main head office if it is not answered by any of                    the employees in the Hunt List.

                g.The last setting on your hunt list will determine what happens to a call if it is not answered (ie: go to voicemail/hangup).

Blind transfers and Attended transfers:

To perform an attended transfer, key in #* and wait for the prompt that says “Transfer”. Then key in the extension number and #. To transfer the call to the other extension. The third party will answer the call, when you want to transfer the first party to the third pary you simply hang up the call. [#*ext#. short conversation - hang-up]

To perform a blind transfer, simply key in ##, the extension number and #. [##ext#]