I have an Internet Connection, but the Softphone Shows “Initialized’

In this case, we need to load a SIP Account onto the Softphone:

§ Click on the settings wheel next to “Enter Number”.
§ Navigate to “Select Account” and select the relevant SIP Account for your extension.
§ Once you have selected the account, the extension will register.

Register Fail

The Softphone may be unable to register due to the following:

· There is a working Internet Connection, but you cannot PING api.euphoria.co.za or tms.euphoria.co.za  or the PBX.

o The Agent Manager works with the TMS, if you cannot reach tms.euphoria.co.za or api.euphoria.co.za, your phone will not register.


Register Fail (503 DNS Timeout)

This means, that your computer could not resolve the DNS through your Internet Connection.

Usually changing the DNS settings on your Router fixes this. Alternatively, if the customer’s PC is set to DHCP, changing it to a Static IP and DNS with the same IP Address, Gateway and Subnet Mask that the computer got via DHCP will work. Make sure that it is set to “Use the following DNS server addresses” and insert the settings as seen in the image below

After changing the DNS Settings on the PC, make sure to click “OK” to save the settings and then close and re-open the Agent Manager to see if it registers with the new settings.

*If this does not work, please contact your Network Administrator or I.T company.*