What are the System Requirements for the Agent Manager?

Our Agent Manager is able to operate on most modern Windows Operating Systems. We currently do not have an application for Apple devices

· The Agent Manager require Windows XP or higher
· Microsoft .NET Framework 2
· An Internet Connection

The Agent Manager is asking me for login details, where do I get this?

The Agent Manager requires a TMS Login in order for you to be able to make calls from our softphone. You are able to get a TMS Login from your Administrator or by sending an email to support@euphoria.co.za.




 In order to install your softphone, simply log in to your Telephone Management System:


1. Select your account and thereafter go to your "Download & Tools" section.

2. Download the "Agent Manager".

3. Once you have downloaded the program, please install it.

4. When the Agent Manager runs for the first time it will prompt you for a Login Email and Password. Once you enter the login details and click "Apply" the program will then 

    accept the credentials. 

5. Please find a link to a quick installation video below: