Go to the / your app store and download Zoiper on your device. After the installation, open Zoiper and follow these instructions.

Step 1.

click on the '' I already have an account'' option.

Step 2.

Click on the ''Manual'' option.

Step 3.

Click on the ''SIP'' option.

Step 4.

Enter the details as shown on the image bellow.

[You will find your domain on the TMS under extension manager - the extension you are setting up - ''Send SIP password'']

My SIP account = Your account name such as, '' Home'' for example

Domain = The PBX IP address you are on Eg :  (pbx5)

*pbx.euphoria.co.za - (

*pbx2.euphoria.co.za - (

*pbx3.euphoria.co.za - (

*pbx4.euphoria.co.za - (

*pbx5.euphoria.co.za - (

*pbx6.euphoria.co.za - (

*pbx7.euphoria.co.za - (

Username : The extension's ''SIP'' username, Eg: 100-euphoria

Password : The extension's SIP password

* You can get the password on clicking on the ''Send Password'' button - ''Send Auth key'' (Will send an Auth key to the email account mentioned in the pop up box for the SIP details) - Navigate to your email account and access your inbox -

Open the mail regarding the auth key - Copy auth key - Paste the auth key where required, then click on show password.

Step 6

Inset the User name ( SIP username ) where it's asking for the ''Auth username.

Step 7

Next step is to enable the G729 audio codecs, navigate to the settings wheel and click on premium features.

* This is not compulsory and the soft phone would work without the codec, the quality might just be a pain.

*For this feature you would have to purchase the codec.

Step 8

Once you have paid for the codec you will now be able to enable that codec (and only that codec) and move it to the top of the list to make it the primary codec.

Thank you.

Hope this article helps :)