The installation file for the softphone can be obtained from the TMS. (

Choose the file and download.

Once the file has successfully downloaded, double click to run the application. Follow the prompts on screen to complete the installation. Once the application's installation has been finalised, run the application. A window stating this is the first time the application has been run will appear. Enter the credentials here. 

The softphone will now provision the SIP credentials and the softphone will register and initialise. Once it says "Initialized" select the SIP account as seen below:

If a window appears asking permission to allow this applications traffic through the firewall select yes.

Using the Softphone:

Making a call:

Call initiation can be done by using the built in number pad or simply by typing the number on the keyboard in the number field.

Answering a call:

When a call comes in it can be set to auto answer (we do not advise this) or it can be answered manually by double clicking the call.

Function buttons:


Hold button, press the green button to place a customer on hold and press it again to retrieve the call.

Transfer button, press this button and three options become available:

Transfer to Extension - This option allows selection of an internal extension to transfer to.

Transfer to Line -  This will be used to join two calls if an attended transfer is needed.

Transfer to External Number - This allows calls to be transferred to a number outside of the PBX for example to someones cellphone. 

Hang up button, press this to terminate a call.

Record call button, press this to record a call. The button will alternate between red and green when recording.

Pausing and Unpausing

Pausing and unpausing is important in a call centre. Agents who don't pause will still receive calls if they leave the softphone open and are away from their desk. Similarly if they do not unpause they will not receive calls while they are actually at their desk if they are paused. To pause or unpause, go to the queues tab select it from the drop down.

Reasons for pausing will be required and can be tracked in call queue analytics.