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6 Simple steps to setting up your festive season message

Step 1

Record your message via one of your VoIP phones; do this by dialing *31 and follow the voice prompts.

Once you have saved your recording, it will automatically load to your Media Manager in the TMS.


Step 2

Log onto your TMS, select the Media Manager tab.

The recorded message will have a Time and Date stamp as its name. Change the name of the file so you can locate it easily on the system.


Step 3

Now that your message has been recorded, you will need to allocate it to your business phone number. To do this, select the PBX Manager tab, this will direct you to a page like the one below.




The number highlighted in yellow is where your business phone number will appear (this is the contact number people use to get through to your business).

Clicking on this number will open a new tool panel on the right, giving you the option to add a new “handler”. A ‘handler’ is a function on your PBX system that enables you to manage the times and days your phone will be active on, as well as the times and days your messages will be active.

Select “Add Catch-All Handler”, as displayed below:




By selecting “Add Catch-All Handler”, a new handler will be added underneath your business phone number on the left side, as displayed below:





Step 4


First, click on the plus (+) button beside the new handler, which will give you access to a drop down box. From the drop down box, select the “hangup” option, next to the orange handset icon.


Once you have selected ‘hangup’, the right side will give you an option box named Action. Click the drop down and select "Play file and Hangup".


Step 5


On the left, you will see that “hangup” has changed to “Play file and hangup”. Click on the words ‘not set’ as displayed below.



Once clicking on ‘not set’, the right panel will now give you the option to add a “Media File”. Click on the dropdown box and select the message file you recorded in Step 1.

Move this ‘handle’ to the top of the list by clicking on the ‘handler’ and selecting “Move Handler Up” option on the right. Click on this until the handler has moved to the top as displayed in orange below



Step 6


Finally, update the inbound route by clicking on your telephone number again. You will see it now has an “Update Inbound Route” button in the right panel. Click this button, which will save your changes.


Your phone system will now take about 8 minutes before it follows the new handler and plays the new recorded message for your festive season.


Please remember to remove this message once you open your office doors for the New Year. Do this by clicking on the Time Based ‘handler’ in the right-hand panel and simply clicking "Remove Handler".

Do not forget to Update Inbound Route once you have removed this.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support center for assistance with this process.