In order to use this facility, you will need to be on an Integrator package. Assuming that you are on this package the below steps serve as a basic guide on getting started using the auto-dialer. 

How to manage a campaign

Step 1 Install the agent manager:

How to install the Agent Manager

Step 2 Prepare the CSV file:
Once the agent manager is installed, if you do not see the dialer tab in the menu at the top of the agent manager, you may need to click view, show Campaign Dialer. This should make the Dialer menu item visible.
From here we need to prep the .csv file to be understood by our system. Please see the below screenshot of how it should look. You will need to omit the details I have displayed in blue as it is just for your visual reference in this tutorial.

Once you have the .csv file prepared, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3 Add the campaign:

To add a campaign you need to select the Manage Campaign tab from the Dialer drop down menu. If this menu is not visible, it could need to be shown from the view menu. Please click on view and click show campaign dialer if it isn't visible in the menu bar.

Once visible, please select Manage Campaign and fill in the necessary details, below is a sample of a campaign I created, please remember to modify the start and end date should you want to run a campaign over a certain time period.

Press add and once successful you can close this window.

Step 4 Add agents:

Now we need to add the agents to which we want to distribute the calls. Open the Manage Campaign menu again and this time double click on the campaign you just created.

Now we can see the following:

We can add and remove extensions from the campaign from this menu.

Step 5 Add the CSV data:

We now need to add the data to the campaign, from the campaign editor (Double click the campaign) we can see the Import/Add more Data button at the bottom left corner. This is where the CSV is added. 

From here we can see the list is going to distribute the calls evenly, unfortunately as there are 3 numbers and only two agents, the first extesnion will get 66% and the next extension will get 33% of the calls. If there were 4 numbers the calls would be distributed 50/50. Redistribution can be done at a later stage by clicking Remove/Reduce in the campaign editor.

The percentages have to equal 100%. Once you have redistributed the calls you need to press update.

Step 6 Add more data (if needed):

At any point you can add more data from other .csv files by  clicking the Import/Add more data button in the campaign manager.

How to load a campaign as a call centre agent

Step 1 Load a campaign:

Once you have installed and logged into the agent manager, to load up a campaign click the dialer drop down menu and select Load campaign.

This will bring up a drop down menu where you can choose the various campaigns you are involved with.

Select the campaign and press load.

Step 2 Start the campaign:

After the campaign has loaded, you should see the option to start dialing. Press start and it will dial the first number. 

Step 3 In call status:

Once the call has completed, you can set the status of the call, make any notes etc. My wrap up time (time before making the next call) is set to 15 seconds so it allows me 15 seconds to make any notes before the next call is connected.

To edit the call details, click open and you will have access to all the information pertaining to that call.

Generating reports for campaigns


To generate a report for a specific campaign or extension, click the dialer drop down menu and open Campaign Reports. Once open select either the campaign or the agent you wish to get a report on.

This can be exported, printed, PDF'ed or viewed in a web browser.