Step 1:

Start by selecting the international destinations that you would like your PBX to be able to dial.

These settings can be found in the Dialing Restrictions menu (Country Codes Tab) on the right hand side of your TMS. Here you can define which countries can be dialed. To enable a destination simply click the checkbox to the left of it. It is recommended not to enable high toll-fraud destinations.

Step 2:

Next you need to enable international dialing on a per extension level. 

The Outbound Dialing Restrictions can be found in the Extension Manager. To enable International dialing just click the International Destinations checkbox. Don't worry about the other settings at this stage as these are for advanced configurations and will be explained further in the future.

Step 3:

Now that you have setup your destinations and extension level dialing restrictions, you need to enable the dialing restriction service. This is is done by simply clicking the "Enable" button as seen below and available in your TMS dashboard. 

Please note: The section above refers to hard limits set by Euphoria on your PBX and can only be changed by a Euphoria technician. The settings should be suitable for the majority of customers but if you have special requirements and need these changed please let us know.