1. Once your logged into your tms.euphoria.co.za Admin Account.

2. Click on PBX Manager on the right hand side.

3. Click on Hunt Lists


4 Click on Add Hunt Lists

5. Give the Hunt List a name - It should generally be a descriptive name such as Afterhours, or Primary Inbound, etc.

6. In the description you can add a hint as to what the Hunt List does for quick reference.

7. Click on Add Ring Group:

8. Then in "Extensions to ring" click the "+Add" button to select the extension you would like the incoming call to ring on.

9. Once you select the extension with the drop down arrow, click the Add button to add the extension.

10. Thereafter select the amount of seconds you would like the call to ring at your selected extension.

11. Then click Add Hunt List.

Please note: 

To learn how to add the Hunt List to the Inbound Route in order to activate it please click here.