A feature code put simply is a code that can perform a specific action.

This could be anything from Pausing your phone in a queue, to having someone's cellphone number on speed dial for example *100 or *101 this can have the PBX call that cell number without having to dial the full 10 digit number. This is useful when you have set a users extensions to only be able to receive calls and make internal calls. 

Some of the most common feature codes explained:

*72/*73 Call Forwarding

This is for enabling and disabling (respectively) unconditional call forwarding on an extension. This is useful if you leave the office and would like to have all calls that are made to your desk phone to be routed to you cellphone. Example: *72# It will prompt you to enter your extension in this case 100 then press #. Once entered it will ask you for the number or extension to forward to, you can enter your mobile number here followed by #

To undo this please dial *73 and send then enter your extension and press #

*85 Mailbox 

To check mail you will dial *85 and send, you will be prompted for a password this is by default your extension number, you may change this to what ever you like in the TMS under your extension. While in this menu you can listen to/delete voicemails as well as set your unavailable and busy voicemails. Should you not set this you will use the system standard which will say your extension is unavailable please leave a message.

*31 Record announcements from an extension

This menu will allow you to record announcements that you can use in Hunt list's, IVR's etc. By default the recordings will be saved in Media manager with the time and date of the recording as the title.

*10/*11 Pause and Unpause in Queues

These will determine your availability in the queue's, for example, a paused person will be ignored in a queue when a call is hunting between available agents. If you are unpaused you will be tried as an available agent.

While these are not all the feature codes, they are the most commonly utilised. We can also create certain feature codes to do things such as send a caller into a conference room, transfer a caller into a queue or to an IVR menu, if you are on enterprise you can have a code to spy on a specific extensions call that is open or to whisper to the agent.

Please contact Euphoria if you would like to discuss what other feature codes are available or if you would like us to add one for you.