How to search for a call recording

1. Log into your TMS account

2. Select the PBX Admin account (you account requires permissions to access call recordings)

3. Select Call Recordings from the right hand menu.

4. You have the following search options:

  • Filter by extension (use the drop down menu)
  • By Date Range - > Select an inclusive FROM and TO Date
  • Search by Caller Number with out using the leading 0

NB! - When searching for number do not use the leading 0,
for example to find "082 123 3459"  you will search for "821233459".
You may replace the leading 0 with a 27 so it would be 27821233459. 

The reason is because the standard for a CallerID is the full
International number ie +27821233459 and NOT 0821233459.

5. Remember to always select the appropriate date, ideally within a 1 month or less period.

6. Once you find the call recording you may download and listen to it, flag the call or make notes against it for future reference.