What is the API Adapter?

The API Adapter is a windows service and related applications that runs on an agents computer. The Adapter creates a virtual web server (on a defined port), that when requested via something like a web browser, will respond with HTML, XML or JSON code. This can be useful for your own development since your own CRM or Intranet can perform client-side requests on the API, and have the results render directly to the agents browser.

Installing the API Adapter:

Thee API Adapter can be downloaded from the Downloads section of your TMS or by clicking the link below:


Once the API Adapter is installed, you will need to apply the API auth code (key). To do this open the API Adapter executable application that will have been installed into your Program files.

This settings window takes all the details that pertain to the API and to the Agent using it. Even if you are not going to be doing any per-agent calls you should enter the extension number.

A step-by-step video is provided on the Downloads page.

Chrome Browser Extensions

There are some pre-made Chrome Browser Extensions, that you may find useful. These extensions can be found on the Downloads page in the TMS. The extensions can be installed directly into your Chrome Browser, can interact with the API Adapter. These extensions can perform actions like right click dialing, Dialing or any number, and viewing or your call detail records.