In order to use the Euphoria API, you will have to authorize the requests. This is done with an Auth Key. This key must be submitted on each request, and is authenticated each time a requests is processed.

A log of each request is also kept with details of the request. The results are not logged.

How to obtain an API Key

Log into the TMS, and select the PBX you would like to use the API on. On the right hand side navigation you should see API Manager. (If this option is not available, then you will need to contact your support company, and ask for the API Manager to be enabled.).


The API Manager has two sections, Auth Codes and History. The first tab will contain a list of Auth codes (keys). These keys can be added and removed as you like. Click the "Add API login" button to add a new key. This will create a new row with Tenant Name, and Auth Key.


TIP: If you are using a third party developer to develop applications for you, you may want to generate a separate key for them. This way once development is over, you can remove this key preventing them from performing further API calls on your account.



Any person with access to your Tenant Name and Authentication key would be able to make API requests on your PBX account, initiate calls or download call recordings, so keep this information private and secure at all times. If your developers makes use of Dynamic Link Libraries (.DLL) please ensure that this information is secured by proper coding standards.