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Making a Call using the API and the tms interface.

We are trying to get a way to mimic our current dialing functionality from our CMS browser software. We are in need of some guidance. 

This is what we have tried.(See code below) The call is currently not part of the Queue and does not bring the feedback screen up at the end of the call. 

What function must I call on the API to make the call in the same way it would happen if the operator typed it in?

using Euphoria.APIDLL;

        public JsonResult CallEuphoria(string PhoneNumber)


            EuphoriaAPIDLL euphoria = new EuphoriaAPIDLL();

            XmlDocument euphoriaXML = euphoria.LogIntoTMS("EMail", "PWD");

            eLoginResponse o = DeSerialize<eLoginResponse>(euphoriaXML.OuterXml);

            euphoria.TenantName = o.Sip.TenantName;

            euphoria.AuthCode = "351b9e88455371fcbdcf507ecf279a8c";

            XmlDocument CallXML = euphoria.Originate($"108-{o.Sip.TenantName}", PhoneNumber);

            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

            return Json(new { data = o }, JsonRequestBehavior.DenyGet);


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Hi Henno,

There is currently no way to initiate the call from somewhere else other than from the AgentWorkspace client itself. You are correct that the only other way to initiate a call is to use our API call Originate, which is essentially what you are doing through the APIDLL.

The last and best option we do offer, is if you use our AgentWorkspaceBundle, which is a library we can provide you to create your own softphone using our platform. Please see attached guide on how something like that can be done. If you are interested in doing that, please let us know so we can create a ticket for you and get you started on it.


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