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API integration with custom built CRM

Hi there,

We are currently custom developing our own in-house CRM system (angular on back end, java on front end). The developers are still in the development phase (roughly 50% done), but I wanted to find out from you if we are able to integrate with Eurphoria so we can have a click to call a function on our system (e.g. call a client tel/cell on the client's profile)? If so, what additional info do you need from us (or rather our developers) to ensure we can integrate and are the further costs?

Thanks! Please let me know ASAP!!!!




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Good afternoon Lindy

The best option for you team to do would be to use our API request system. 

They would then be able to make use of the originate function that would allow you to click2call and pass that call to the users extension number.

The API documentation can be found here:

Please feel free to contact me for any further clarification

Best Regards

Bailey Brooke

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