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Webhooks and custom fields

I may just be missing it but what is the fieldname for the custom fields to add to a webhook.

I cannot seem to find them or on the API?

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please confirm if you are referring to the Parameters that you can send with a webhook? If this is the case, please see below custom parameters that can be sent with the webhook: 




















Yes the webhook parameters

The above I understand.

I am trying to get to the custom field values that the agent can enter.

I they aren't available in the webhook are they available through an API call?

Yes the paramters in the webhook.

We are looking to grab the Custom Value fields though.

Are those available in the webhook or are they available in the API?


Yes in regards to the Parameters of the webhook, but am trying to get to the custom field values.

From that list does not look like custom fields are there

Are they available in an API call

I can’t receive {CALL_DURATION}, can you help me?

Good day Graham,

The current parameters as per our last reply, is set parameters that our system can pull through regarding the call that your agent is on. 

You can always add your own custom parameters per the screenshot. 

If you want your agent to add the value, you can do it with these two solutions:  

1. The agent can add it in under CRM Tag, then you can pull that through with {CALL_CRMTAG}. 

2. You can use the {AGENT_INPUT_<Replace this text with the label>} tag, then a popup will appear for your agent to type it in. 

Thank you

Good day Didadiandi,

Please can you provide us with a screenshot of how the webhook was created for further investigation. 

Thank you

Good day Divan le Roux,


I used Euphoria Softphone


The Type and Call Duration fields are not available, what do I need to do to trigger the "URL Request" event?

Good day didadiandi

Euphoria Softphone does not have the capability to access those fields. Our suggestion is to please call into support on  021 200 0500  and ask about getting Agent extensions with Agent Workspace to use integration center. This will give you the required functionality to receive the CALL_Duration field. 

Best Regards

Bailey Brooke

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