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Integration with HubSpot CRM

Can Euphoria integrate with HubSpot CRM, so calls to a client can be automatically saved to a specific client record?

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Hi Kevin


Unfortunately, at the moment we can only supply our API calls.

Any integration to external third-party applications has to be done on the client's side, however, we are currently investigating a better solution to offer our customers. 


Thank you

Can I also request integration with HubSpot, we are currently building a solution using the HubSpot calling SDK, Euphoria DLL and SIP.js 

Would really appreciate some guidance especially around inbound calls for our support team.

The current plan is to investigate the use of the API adapter installed on our customer support agents laptops along with passing calls to it via the Chrome plugin for inbound calls.

For outbound calls, we will build the functionality natively within HubSpot using the HubSpot calling SDK

Hi Shiveer

Your request has been noted. We will put it in the development requests and handled as soon as possible from there.

Best Regards

Bailey Brooke

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