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CRM Integration

We have a CRM system which our agents are using to manage our customers. Currently, our agents are switching between systems in order to dial the number on Euphoria’s desktop app in order to make a call. This is time-consuming and we want to see if we can integrate the 2 systems with a click to dial option for the agents. So the agents click a button on our CRM system and the call gets sent to the telephony system which dials the number in the background.

I have spoken to our CRM developer and he says this is possible from his side, he has had a look at your API documentation and currently only sees an option to integrate using XML, his understanding is that Euphoria uses an Asterisks system, he has integrated with an Asterisk system previously using a post/get command to send the number to the Asterisk system, he wanted to know if it’s possible to set up the integration with this POST method.

Maybe it’s best we set up a call with both developers to discuss our options?

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Hi John,

I was able to set a CRm tag on an orginate as well as dev can see it coming back from  GetCallDetailRecords,  below is my XML to originate, please send me your GetCallDetailRecords XML.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>









<crmTag>Test CRM Tag</crmTag>


Just a ping on the above

Hi Jonathan,

This answer helped, thanks! Works for me.

I'm trying to use the <crmTag> field. It doesn't seem to be saving - I don't see it in call history in Agent Manager, or in the response from the GetCallDetailRecords method call.

Here's the request (with xxx as placeholder):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>












Currently we do not allow direct connections to Asterisks, you would have to go through the API using XML. We would propose that you use the Originate API call. You can POST the XML for the originate API call to our API and it will make the call for you.

Originate API call











CRM Tag is optional and can be left out, Hope this helps,

Thanks and Regards,

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