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SmartLife Integration

Hi all, I recently received access to the euphoria api in order to integrate with SmartLife, i received a token as well and the first step was to test the api using the DoNothing ActionName, which worked really well and i received a response. However, when i attempted to use the DialerTrickleFeed Action with lead details i got an error message, Excecuted With Failures. Please find attached a screenshot of the Postman request which i have tried. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi Storm, 

Just for info, resolved via email.


Hi Jonathan.

Please see the attached document which i received. We are attempting to integrate into the API in order to send our leads to SmartLife. 



Afternoon Storm,

We can't seem to find the lists or campaigns on our system, could you give us more info please.


Good day, any feedback on the above?

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the response, I have capitalised the word "email", however I am still receiving the same error.



Seems to be a small error, the word "email"  in the api request (on your screenshot ) should be with capital letter E >> "Email".

Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues,

Thanks and regards,

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