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API ActionName limitations

 Good Day

I've tested the API with ActionName "GetOutboundCallingHistory" and "GetInboundCallingHistory". Both of these references have a page size limit of 500 (as per your documentation) however, I'm able to retrieve a larger data set for both action names.

With the inbound action - I am able to retrieve data for any date selection that I pass through it (I've only tested for 1 year so far), however, for the outbound calling history I am limited to retrieving data for the last 2 months. In both requests, the page size is a lot higher than than the maximum and it retrieves without error.

Are there updates to your actions in terms of the limitations. I was told that he 60 days limitation is for the TMS, however we tested that and were also able to export more than 60 days. Is the 60 days limitation now applicable to "GetOutboundCallingHistory".  In the attachments, you can see that the request was canceled once the 60 day limit was reached(outbound) whereas for inbound there is no cancellation.

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 We have had a look at the API calls, and if you do not want to be restricted to the 60 day limit, you could use the GetOutgoingCallHistory_NoCount which work with the LastID in which you pass the LastID back into your next api if the EndOfDataSet is not true. the advantage of making use of this api call is that it is faster and does not have a date cap,

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Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the reply - do you have documentation for the GetOutgoingCallHistory_NoCount?


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Hi Jonathan, any feedback on this documentation please? 

Hi Jonathan, any feedback on the documentation for GetOutgoingCallHistory_NoCount?


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