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Twilio Integration


I was referred here by support(Keanen)

We are trying to make an outbound sip transfer from the Twilio platform to your system. We use the Twilio platform to build chatbot/avm workflows for our client. Our requirement is to transfer the caller to one of the extentions/queues on your system using a SIP endpoint (We want to use sip here instead of outbound dialling over the public network because it save on calling costs).  While your api provides all of the functionality we need for other parts of our system, the sip transfer functionality is the last component we need to be able to use Euphoria as a viable option for the clients phone infrastructure.

Twilio provides the functionality for this and requires a sip uri , username and password. 

This link illustrates the settings we need


This link illustrates the type of asteriks config that is required to receive sip from twilio:

Any help here would be much appreciated

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Currently we do not have a SIP endpoint available that can be used, however, you could transfer directly to a DID and the call will then follow the normal inbound dial plan,

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