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Requirements for Inbound Sip from another source

Hi , We are trying to do a SIP transfer from twilio into an extention/queue but can't seem to get this to work , Keanen from support also tried and referred me to this forum. 

We are local Twilio partners who develop AVM workflows for call centres and need to be able to make a sip transfer to one of the queues/extentions on your system in order to transfer clients into the call centre. Twilio requires us to provide them with a SIP endpoint that they can transfer to. In order for the client to be able to make use of Euphoria we have to get this working. 

Twilio basically requires a sip endpoint , a username and a password ... the twilio ip's need to be whitelisted and routed on your infrastructure

This post has an example of an Asteriks setup that can receive sip fom Twilio: 

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Currently we do not have a SIP endpoint available that can be used, however, you could transfer directly to a DID and the call will then follow the normal inbound dial plan,

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