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API : Transfer Channel

 Hi Guys ,

I am trying to use API integration to transfer a call to another number.

I am getting the below error  . Can you please let me know


What are you trying to achieve? That API action will only work with transferring to an extension. If you can give me scope I can speak to Dev and see if there is a way to do this.

Hi Tim , im trying to place a button on our CRM with a click event handler that will transfer the current call to a predefined number ,

We are generating hot leads for another call center and would like to make the lives of our agents a little easier

Hi Cobus,

Cool thanks for letting me know that. We dont currently have an api action to acheive this, how ever I did think of a work around for you.

I would suggest trying the following:

Using a spare extension, or requesting a new one, set on that extension a "find me follow me", set do not ring phone only ring numbers below and set the number to ring.

There is an option to set allow forwarding of original caller ID, this how ever may not always work as some networks think this is "spoofing" so if you do not need the original CLI then I wouldnt set it, otherwise set it and see if it works.

Once that is configured you should be able to bridge the channel to that extension which will transfer the call to the ext, how ever that call will be open on that ext to the destination number, there is no way to hand the call entirely off to the number. This means you will be paying for that call per second, you will also need to request the channels be increased on that extension so it doesnt hit make simultantous calls.

Please let me know if you do test this if it works.


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