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[HELP] Get abandoned calls via API

Short summary:

I'd like to get the caller ID of all the calls that got abandoned (example if the caller hung up) via the API.

For the life of me, I cannot seem to find a call that gives the information I need.

Full context:

Erik Wrote:

Hello xxx,

The VOIP system has been a complete mess since everyone is working from home, I suspect bad internet.

Is there a way we can e-mail abandoned calls to

So when a call is abandoned it gets emailed to the above email, similar to how a voice note is e-mailed.

Then I will get her to call back the clients, because if you look at our profile you will see almost 80% of the incoming calls never reach the phones.

Euphoria Support Wrote:

Hi Erik,

With regard to ticket number: 298685

Unfortunately there is no function available on the system like that. The only to keep an eye on the abandoned calls is by navigating to your Queue Analytics.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Erik Wrote:

Not ideal ☹

Is there perhaps no other clever hack or workaround perhaps a way to automate the Queue Analytics report and send that to a e-mail address every hour?

I know you have an API, what about a way to fetch it via the API then I will do the mailing, do you know what is needed for me to access the API?

I see a lot of situations like this:

2020-05-21 11:21:48 +27630244262 pbx21-1590052902.619622 21 sec 2 Abandoned

1) At 2020-05-21 11:21:48 a caller with caller ID of +27630244262 entered the queue MRP at position 1.

2) At 2020-05-21 11:22:10 after waiting 21 sec, the caller simply hung up. The caller was at position 1.

Which means that call never reach the VOIP phone of our staff, which I believe is due to connectivity issues so we want a way to catch these kind of logs and then manually phone them back.

If you cannot setup an email for this will you please then see if the info above is available via the API then I will build a bot to handle it, as long as I can get to the data (Which is on your system so it is there, just need to figure out how to access it with code.)

Ask the smartest person that works at your business if they can weigh in their thoughts, tell her or him that I will thank them in wine and books.


If any of you need any additional information please ask me and I will provide some although from above I think its quite clear what I am after.

I appreciate all the advice and help in advance.

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