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App Name Dialing Needed

It's nice that the App reads ones Contacts, however, to retrieve a contact to dial is tedious.  All mobile native dial pads allow for name dialing.  This is where one simply dials the name of the contact using the letters on the dial pad (which currently appear on the Euphoria Dial pad but seem to do nothing).  The contacts that match the sequence of either numbers or letters then appear on the screen for selection and calling.

I find that the lack of this function makes using the Euphoria App prohibitive.

Unfortunately we did not develop the app in house, it is a 3rd party licensed whitelable. I can log a request with the developers to try to build this in how ever I can not give you a time line or even a guarentee they will entertain this request. The statement all mobile native dial pads allow name dialing isnt entirely accurate, apple removed this feature (for some reason) years ago from their phones.

As I said I can log the request but we ultimately do not control the development of this application.

I stand corrected, Android Devices (the most popular brand in the world) can name dial, but your APP cannot.  We use the app for business and it's painful to use without this function.  I'll bet that if you survey all your customers who use the app and ask them if they want it that you'll get a big response.  Eitherway, it's a needed function and we'd like it please.

Morning, I have some good news for you. I am busy testing this feature on a beta app.

Once confirmed to be fully working I will request a build be launched and your app will download it automatically.

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That's great news!  I look forward to the results.

Morning the android update went live yesterday. please test.

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 Tested, fantastic!  Thank you Euphoria Dev Team, this makes using your APP waaaaaay easier.

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