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hubspot calling

I wish to be able to make calls through Hubspot,please assist. thanks.


To enable you to use Hub spot, you will have to write middle-ware to interface between hub spot and Euphoria. 


Are you not able to do this as our service provider?
and at least record a video of how you do it for future clients.
I've managed to create the API auth code...hopping it would be a cut and past scenario, but realizing there is a lot more to it.
I'm not a developer, so I have no idea what I'm doing.

I've found this link as the best info thus far...
I hope you can assist or at least direct me in the correct direction. 

following up regarding this request, who will be able to assist with the 'middle - ware'?

Morning Yolandi,

Unfortunately, we are not able to assist currently with the integration of hubspot, our development team focuses on internal development for all customers across the platform, we occasionally look at integrations that are identified as key strategic moves for our whole customer base and then once investigated and approved we then incorporate this into our development roadmap for the next 18 months. 

The best option going forward would be for you to seek assistance from a development house, consultant or look at on boarding a developer to assist you,

We are of course happy to provide API documentation to your developer, and assistance where we can.


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