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Get Call recording reference on call initiation


I am busy building the integration into our CRM and need some guidance on how to get the recording reference back after call origination.

Is there no way that it can be returned in the API call for initiate ?

Initially I thought the recording ref would only be saved at the end of the call, but if I originate the call (don't even need to answer it), I can already see the reference using the API.

By using GetCallStatus, I can see the recording reference as soon as the call has started ringing.

Worst case scenario I can always use both API's, But I am hoping for a cleaner approach ?

Any help would be appriciated.



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Customer has been contacted, and query discussed.

Both API call will need to be used.

Is there documentation on the GetCallStatus call? I don't see it in the documentation and testing it returns "Action Name Not Found". I have the same problem.

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