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CRM API intergration with Euphoria

First ever I am on here, I need to know :

1.) If I develop a CRM if Euphoria can, and how you suggest I get it to intergrate with Euphoria? I would like my guys to receive the calls on the screen inside the CRM, how do I do it, can you give me pointers so I can sound smart when I ask my developers to do this?  :-)

2.) We did consider to move to Sales Force. but it is too expensive, we are going to develop our own solution, I assume my guys are going to take some existing open-source solutions to put something together. Can you give me pointers where we can look for what?

3.) What other thoughts do you have on the topic?

Thank You

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Hi Dirk,

Have you heard about our new agent workspace? This could assist you.

 If you still wish to create your own CRM, the best way would be to do a screen pop using our webhooks functionality, that way we can then send the call information to you. Once we send the call details we have on our side then you could then based on what we send then customize the screen pop to display the relevant information.  

Perhaps, it may be worth having a discussion with the account manager on our side before you go into any expense of investigating this any further.

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