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API Intergration for Infusionsoft

As discussed, I was istructed to post on the forum for the Dev team.


We are currently using the Agent Manager more than ever before, and we were curious to know if we could have it linked in some way with our CRM called Infusionsoft (Keap).


Such a feature could include linking the call recordings directly to a contact records based on the number being called matching the number that the contact has on our system.


Open to discussions on what we can implement etc.



Unfortunately, we are not doing any further development on the agent manager, as we are in the process of launching our Agent Workspace, (One of sales staff could contact you to do a run through if you would like?),  We have also not yet done any integration with  Infusionsoft, however, the below documentation may be of some help for your development team.

Have they had a chance to read through the following: 

And if so, what exactly are they looking to return, perhaps we have already created a few Public API calls that they could utilize.

Thanks and regards,

After looking at that, it would be awesome if we could use the public API that allows us to store call recordings on the respective client profile on our CRM.

May need assistance with this though as I'm not all too familiar with APIs.

Thanks for the quick response!

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