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API Integrations


I hope all is well with you all.

Our developer was graven a project to create a API that will integrate with our claims system. He successful deployed the VoIP feature at the call center but we are failing to roll it out to the other PBX's like the Head office.

Our developer was assisted to by Euphoria with the template to develop the feature.

Kindly assist with ability to connect other PBX's  on our side.  

Developer Tefo

Kind regards,

Prince Thokwane


Which API calls are you currently struggling with? Perhaps we can have a look at why they are not working if that's the case.

Thanks and Regards


I hope all is well with you and thank you for coming back to me. Kindly contact the developer who is currently busy with the API. ( Please note that I have logged this on behalf of Tefo the developer.

The issue s that users from a different PBX can't login but the call center can login.

I trust all is in order.

Kind regards,

Prince Thokwane

IT support ( System and Network admin)

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