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Global On-hold Music

Hi there. I spoke to one of your technical people and told them about this. Not sure if this is a bug. He advised me to write in the Forum.

I am responsible for the phone system in our company. I am a Technical person.

This is what I have a question about:

When changing the music of a queue , you can select the "Music on hold" list. I normally had it set on the one I created for the company. We have a few different queues, so it must be set individually.

I the found the PBX settings area, where you can set the Default Music on Hold. Here you can select a list.

In the Queue, there is a Music on Hold option, which is playing while the client waits. Now, there is an option that Says Global default Music on Hold. Logically, that refers to the Default Music in the PBX settings, but when I select a list in the PBX Settings, apply it and have the Queue on Global default Music on Hold, it does not play the default list. That makes logical sense. Why do I say that? If you have multiple queues and want to change the music globally, by changing the Global Music in the PBX settings, all queue music should change, instead of going to every queue, one by one.

The Support person asked a senior person and told me that it is for internal calls only. That does not make any sense, as it does not state it anywhere and are in a box, where only external call stuff is. Is this a bug or is this how it should work?

So I think this this the better / correct way to have the default music (PBX settings) play, when Global default Music on hold is selected in a queue. It makes logical sense else why is there a option in the PBX settings , for default music.

Just my input.  Thank you.

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