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C# GetQueuedCalls

I need to get historical data from the queues.

API.GetQueuedCalls("Queue Name") only gets the current day details.

When I do API.GetQueuedCalls("Queue Name", 100, 0, "2018-08-20", "2018-08-24") as suggested by the API ActionName Reference:

"Action Name: GetQueueCalls (Historical)


Required fields:

queueName (the name of the queue e.g., “sales”)

pageSize (the number of rows to return. default: 100)

startAt (the start row of the entry. default: 0)

startDate (Unless specified it will be data from the past 7 days.)

endDate (Unless specified it will be data from the past 7 days.)


Sample Usage: 







there is an error saying GetQueuedCalls does not support 5 arguments.

Please advise.


Please try the following:

Here is the XML sample:










 <startDate>2018-08-30 11:00</startDate>

 <endDate>2018-08-30 11:10</endDate>


The code sample: API.GetQueueLogData("Queue Name", 100, 0, "2018-08-20", "2018-08-24")


Hi Frank,

I chatted to Dev, they need to create an API action to retrieve historical data such as completed and abandoned from analytics. Once completed I can let you know.

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