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GetCurrentCalls API does not show actual phone numbers

 Hello, we are trying to use GetCurrentCalls API and it works fine but it does not actually show incoming or outgoing phone number.

This is the API call we make 


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


This is an API response

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
            <![CDATA[(Outgoing Line)]]>

 and it shows


            <![CDATA[(Outgoing Line)]]>


Why it outputs "Outgoing Line" instead of actual phone number?

And for incoming calls what is the correct field to get incoming number?


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The development team is currently looking into the API calls and will respond as soon as we have the fix.

Apologies for the delay,




Apologies for the delay, please try the "GetCallActivity" API call to get more comprehensive result, 









for Inbound you can refer to the "CallFrom" node.

Let us know if this does not assist you in getting the correct results,

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Hi, we had a similar situation where we needed to read the queue name and incoming number from a current call.

Can I suggest that this action is added to the API ActionName Reference?

GetCallActivity is returning all the details that we need, is there any chance of getting this action added to the EuphoriaApiDll?

The reason for the request is that all calls to the web api take at least 4.1 seconds, and the same calls done via the DLL are returned in under half a second, usually 4 seconds quicker than the web api call.

Or please let me know if it is already a method on the Dll that we have overlooked.




was there any solution to this problem?

I have tested GetCallActivity  and GetCurrentCalls  but the XML does not return the incoming  number..

is there an alternative?, as we need to capture the incoming number for our CRM system.



I am 

Good day,

currently there is no API call that will return the source number on an incoming call. 

We do however have an API call that will show incoming calls for a specific queue. With this API call you can then get the source number, should it enter that queue. 

Please find attached document as requested.

Thank you

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