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Webhook for CRM

We have a new CRM / Documentation system that has the ability to automatically open the client-specific CRM page based on a received call from a SIP softphone. Their support say all that is required is that the softphone must support 'Webhook or a screen pop' based on the caller ID .

Is this available through the Euphoria SoftPhone, or the new Webdialler?



Do you have more information re "new Web Dialler" ? I've had a look through the forums here and documents/support portal.. can't find anything immediately.. TIA.

We are currently working through a full documentation update, perhaps I could assist you in the interim with any queries.

Essentially, we'd just like to click a number on our CRM (our own codebase) and have it dial via Euphoria. Basic outgoing calls only. I've looked at the sipJS implementation.. and have *something* but the UA.invite() call doesn't seem to register.. (using sipJs docs and your docs) but while doing this, I was thinking, if the wheel is already built i don't need to build it again :)



We have developed a Chrome extension which has "Click to dial" build in, however, it is still being tested. 


Restart your browser after installation

Ensure you are logged into the TMS and an extension account has been selected.

Alternatively, we have added the following  information on the Euphoria site, under API ActioName Reference (see below)


Action Name: Originate (Making a  Call)


Required fields:

Extension (Calling Extension  Channel, e.g. 100-Euphoria)

DialNumber (The number to dial  out, e.g.0212000500)


Sample Usage:






Originates a call by first calling the extension specified, then once picked up, begins the dial-out leg to the remote party (extension to extension dialing is not possible).



The sequence of events:

1. The API validates the request and then executes it.

2. The Agent Extension that was provided will ring.

3. Once answered the API will then dial the number provided. 


Yes, It is available.

You can add an event on an answer, dial, ring or hangup under advanced settings on the new Web Dialler

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