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Queue Coding

Hi there,

We need Queue coding on our calls. Please can you see if you could develop an feature where: when after a call has been ended that theres some kind of pop up that the agent need to tick what was the call about. For eg New Call / Branch Follow Up / Insurance Follow Up / Not Glass Related etc...


Unfortunately we are unable to do a pop-up requesting the agent to input information about the call, however, we are currently reworking our Agent Manager to include the ability to capture notes while on a call.

In the meantime, once a call has been synced in the TMS then the agent has the ability to use the “CRM tag” to tag the call.

This can be done on the TMS under the Agents “Call Detail Records” menu on the TMS, by clicking to the left of the “Call Date & Time” column, a yellow pencil will appear with a description saying “No CRM Tag” by clicking this, the Agent can then set a CRM tag:

For Example:

01 - New Call
02 - Branch Follow-Up
03 - Insurance Follow-Up
04 - Not Glass

Once this is captured a search can be done in the “Extension Manager” Menu, under the “Call Detail Records” tab.

Using the example above if I was looking for “Insurance Follow-ups”, I would search for the Text and not the number, so I would type “Insurance Follow-Up” in the search bar.

This can then be exported and the data will be available to filter as needed.

Hope this helps,

I am glad to read this article.

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