Geographic Number Porting is a sensitive process, please be sure to read and comply with the information below.

We require the following documentation to be e-mailed to
  • 1 - GNP Letter of Authorisation (template attached). - NB: Please print this on your Company Letterhead
  • 2 - GNP Request Form (attached)
  • 3 - GNP Service Applicaton (attached).
  • 4 - A copy of the ID related to the Telkom account.
  • 5 - A copy of your latest Telkom Bill. - NB: Please ensure you send us the "Telephony Details" Page. It is best if you send us all the details pages, but the line-by-line bill is not necessary. Your last Telkom bill received must be paid up, as porting can be rejected if your last bill was not paid.
  • Number porting is dependant on Telkom and/or participating Service Providers and as a result can take anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks.
  • Porting Documents will not be submitted until your PBX is confirmed to be operational, unless you specify otherwise.
  • For further information on porting please review the GNP Porting Guidelines document attached.
  • Porting a number associated with an ADSL line will cancel the ADSL service. If you need to port a number associated with an ADSL line, you must first have a new ADSL line installed and working correctly to ensure zero interruption of your services.
  • If you cancel a Telkom service or line related to the number being ported before the porting process has been completed, you will lose the number.

If you are unsure of anything, please review the knowledge base or please submit questions to

Euphoria Telecom