- Euphoria Postpaid customers receive a default calling credit limit of R 2,000
- The calling credit limit acts as an advance which allows you to make calls up to a specified amount for each billing cycle. 
- For an account requiring a monthly calling credit limit over R 2,000 a security deposit will be required based on the results of a credit analysis completed by Euphoria Telecom, deposits payable can range anywhere from between 50% to 100%. 

- The deposit is payable on the entire amount e.g. if you wish to increase the limit from R 2000 to R 5000, the deposit is calculated on the amount of R 5,000.
 Call centers are required to pay a 100% deposit or to switch to our prepaid option.

Companies registered in the same year in which they are requesting a credit increase will need to pay a 100% deposit until we are able to review your credit application, as a credit application can only be successfully completed on companies which have been registered for more than a year.
- The monthly calling credit limit reverts back to R 0.00 on the 14th of each month at midnight, as your calling credit is calculated from the 15th – 14th of each month and outgoing calls made during this period are added to your monthly invoice on the 15th. 
- Credit applications can take up to 48 hours. Once the credit application is complete a deposit slip will be provided to you, deposits are payable via EFT, once proof of payment has been received by our accounts department your credit limit will be increase  accordingly.

-B-  - Deposits are fully refundable should you terminate your services with Euphoria or reduce your calling credit limit.

- Deposits are not held in an interest bearing account.